Available every day from 12th April

9am until 4.30pm (unless stated otherwise)

Additional food items are available from our main menu from 11.30am

Advanced booking advised

Call 01226 762551 Opt 2 to book


Available until 11.30am

Hide & Hoof Breakfast £10.00

Bolster Moor Farm sausage, chargrilled bacon, roast mushrooms and tomato, Heinz baked beans, hash brown, toasted loaf, fried, poached to scrambled egg

Add Black pudding £1

Veggie Breakfast (V) £10.00

Vegetarian sausage, roasted mushroom and tomato, Heinz baked beans, hash browns toasted loaf, fried, poached or scrambled egg


Available until 4.30pm

BETA (GF Available) £8.50

Chargrilled bacon, soft poached egg, roasted tomato, avocado hollandaise, buttered toasted sourdough loaf

Eggs Benedict (GF Available) £8.50

Chargrilled dry cured bacon, soft poached eggs on a toasted English muffin, hollandaise sauce

Vegan Brunch (V, Vg) (GF Available) £8.00

Roasted flat cap mushroom, spinach, guacamole, roasted tomato on tasted sourdough loaf

Chicken & Bacon Brunch Waffles £9.00

Southern fried chicken, chargrilled bacon, toasted waffle, soft poached egg, hollandaise sauce

Fruit Waffles (V) £6.50

Toasted waffles, fruit compote, Longley Farm natural yoghurt, Oreo crumb, Tate & Lyle syrup

Breakfast Butties

Served on a white roll (GF Bread available)

Available until 4.30pm

‘Bacon Lovers’

Bacon (GF Available) £4.50

Bacon & fried egg (GF Available) £5.00

Bacon & sausage £5.50

Bacon, sausage & fried egg £6.00

Bacon, sausage, fried egg & hash brown £7.00

‘Sausage Lovers’

Sausage £4.50

Sausage & fried egg £5.00

Sausage & bacon £5.50

Sausage, bacon & fried egg £6.00

Sausage, bacon, fried egg & hash brown £7.00

‘Veggie Lovers’

Veggie Sausage £4.50

Fried egg £3.50

Veggie sausage & hash brown £5.50

‘Greedy Beggars’

Add a hash brown (GF) £1.00

Add Black pudding £1.00