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Yummy Yorkshire ice cream showcased at the ‘Great British Wind Meal’

Yummy Yorkshire showcased its produce at a meal celebrating the benefits of wind energy attended by chef and broadcaster Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

The ‘Great British Wind Meal’ event, which took place at the chef’s River Cottage Plymouth Canteen and was organised by RenewableUK and energyshare on Friday (29 November), showcased products where the ingredients come from sources powered by the wind.

Alongside a discussion about the importance of wind power to farmers and food producers, a three-course meal, featuring our vanilla ice cream as part of the desert, was served to the 50 guests who included journalists, chefs and farmers.

Yummy Yorkshire, installed a wind turbine in 2012 with the aim of providing all of the electricity needed to power Delph House Farm, where the ice cream company’s 150 strong Fresian Holstein herd are based.

Jeremy Holmes, founder of Yummy Yorkshire, says:

“We are delighted to have been invited to be part of the ‘Great British Wind Meal’ showcasing the best food and drink from the British countryside produced with the help of the wind. We are in a windy spot here at Delph House Farm and installing a wind turbine made sense to reduce our carbon footprint and boost our income.

“Yummy Yorkshire is proud to be part of the community of farmers and landowners who want to protect the environment which helps make our products as high quality as they are. In addition, with farmers’ incomes and margins having eroded over the past ten years, the savings our turbine brings helps secure a viable future for us.”

Maf Smith from RenewableUK, added:

“On behalf of RenewableUK and energyshare I’d like to thank Yummy Yorkshire for donating their award winning ice cream for our Great British Wind Meal. Their generosity has made this special meal possible, helping to spread the word about the benefits of wind power for food producers up and down the country.”

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