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Here at Yummy Yorkshire we specialise in relaxed weddings.

Our unique venue offers rustic country charm, we have a large barn and lots of land available to host your wedding.

For more details please contact Lucy on:

or call

01226 762551 Option 3

Carrot & Cardamom's The Word!

Using their rich and exotic Carrot & Cardamom pickle, we developed a heavenly ice cream fusion of eastern and western flavours. The tickle on your tongue produced by the pickle is perfectly offset by the natural creamy dailyness of our ice cream.

A gorgeous aromatic sweet treat that still makes us pull ridiculously excited faces when we eat it. Maybe that’s the cardamom’s aphrodisiac properties….

Serve it to a loved one this spring (just have a camera ready to capture their reaction!)

Did you know?

During WW2, children were given carrots on sticks as a substitute for ice cream, because the sugar needed to make ice cream was a rationed luxury. Do you know anybody who remembers this?


Yummy Yorkshire
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Yummy Yorkshire Ice Cream & ‘Hide & Hoof’ Restaurant is clearly signposted on the main road.

We are NOT located on a private single track drive

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