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Guest Post by fairandfunky

Spooky SCRAPtastic Workshops
Yummy Yorkshire – October 30th 2014

fairandfunky were delighted to join Yummy Yorkshire’s half term activities, leading spooky SCRAPtastic creative workshops – perfect for Halloween crafters. In the workshops only recycled materials were used; from cardboard boxes to old fabrics and toilet rolls; along with a lot of imagination!

All fairandfunky workshops encourage participants to look at the world around them and empower people of all ages with the knowledge that their actions can have a positive impact on the world; both locally and globally. This workshop focussed on recycling as a way in which each of us can take little steps to change the world.

Did you know one family throws away 6 trees worth of paper and card every year? We like to challenge SCRAPtastic participants to recycle: “Don’t throw it away…..make something!”

In spooky SCRAPtastic lots of families joined fairandfunky in the SPOOKY barn at Yummy Yorkshire to make a colony of bats!

All fairandfunky workshops show participants how to use everyday rubbish and household junk to make a multitude of crafts, and gifts; for themselves or family members. It allows families to get together, encourages creative play and shows how to make things on a budget. Each workshop results in each participant taking something home, something to be proud of. This helps to raise self esteem and enables each and every one of us to take our own little steps to change the world.

fairandfunky would love to see your photos of SCRAPtastic crafts you do at home. Please share photos with us on our facebook page ( on twitter (

Congratulations to all the children at Yummy Yorkshire for taking their own little steps to change the world in a fairandfunky recycling workshop.


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